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The Importance of EN

EN 14470-1 is The European Standard policy applied to facilities storing flammable and hazardous liquids. It was implemented in April 2004 and is a national standard in many European countries.

The legal requirement addresses the duty to correctly and safely store all flammable liquids in cabinets with a capacity to resist fire conditions on the outside, safeguarding the content inside. A minimum of 30 minutes fire protection must accommodate cabinets that store flammable liquids.

It should be adhered to by all institutions that manufacture, store, process or use dangerous substances which may result in explosive atmospheres.

The European Standard does not distinguish between different flammable liquids. The onus is on the user to understand the dangers of individual substances which hold considerably different properties and conclusions.

Non-compliance of this standard may result in;

  • Death
  • Financial Loss
  • Legal Implications
  • Productivity Loss
  • Damaged Reputation

Can you or your organisation take this risk?

At TBI Scientific in association with asecos we go beyond minimum! Our German manufactured cabinets are the first in the world to hold a 90-minute fire resistance standard. Independently tested and certified allows our products to meet and surpass European Standard requirements. We also supply a 10-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing personal and professional safety at all times.


Contact us today for a free safety inspection with our qualified staff of your premises and we will be more than happy to give our recommendations concerning the safe and approved storage of hazardous materials.

We believe standards should always be maximum.

The below video highlights the time difference between models of no protection, 30 minutes protection and the asecos 90 minute protection.



A new innovation in Safety Storage Cabinets – Introducing V-Line by asecos


asecos have launched this practical and space saving innovation to the market and which will revolutionise the way in which chemical storage is seen in the laboratory environment today.

Trespa – not your typical compact laminate?

Here at TBI Scientific we are specialist suppliers of Trespa. Trespa are one of the worlds largest producers of Phenolic panels.

For a compact laminate; Trespa is a leader not only in its functionality but Trespa’s focus on product development combining quality manufacturing technologies with intelligent solutions for architectural applications.

Neon – New generation workplace chairs

Neon from bimos is the flagship for modern industry. This work place chair is a favourite of TBI Scientific as no other chair used in manufacturing can boast such ergonomic features, design or such comfort.

Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work. Office and Manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing with simple production jobs being increasingly replaced by more complicated tasks.

Its innovative 1+1 system of chair and upholstery combination provides flexibility and sustainability, and ensures that it is perfectly adapted to the particular area of work.

Labster – “The world’s first real Laboratory Chair”

Here at TBI Scientific we are proud to say we are home to bimos‘ extraordinary Lab Chair – Labster.

Labster is the world’s first real laboratory chair. Unlike the usual laboratory adaptations of office or workshop chairs, Labster has been specially designed for the requirements of a laboratory.

Labster has no sharp edges, thanks to its unique, seamless design concept, where even the mechanism is hidden under the soft, washable cover. All the surfaces can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. With its creative design and smooth finish, there are no corners, nooks or crannies for microorganisms to hold or build up.

Labster is setting new standards in terms ergonomics – the newly developed auto motion technology ensures that the angle between the back and the thighs is always correct, no matter what type of work is being performed. It is even suitable for use in clean room conditions.

New Year means New Showroom!

Happy New Year!

We here at TBI Scientific are pleased to announce that the awaited opening of our show room is finally here.

Starting Monday 6th of February until Friday 10th of February we are doing private and personal appointment tours of our Showroom and the excellent products we supply.

Recapping on 2016 with our Partners…

On Friday December 9th we had the pleasure of having our partners from Trespa, bimos and asecos come and visit us here in Ireland.

We had a fun filled day posing for group pictures, unveiling our newly branded vans, catching up on the innovations and the successes of 2016, and then topping the day off with an evening of good food, dancing and festive spirits.

Introducing Labsit – “Simple is Clever”

Good news comes to TBI Scientific!

BIMOS, who are the leading experts when it comes to laboratory chairs, successfully developed a laboratory chair that compliments the extraordinary NEON chair.


  • GMP – Meets specifications of GMP regulations
  • Minimal Joints – Hygienic design for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Anti-Bacterial– Artificial leather upholstered covering with significant anti-germ effects
  • Chemical Resistant – in accordance with ISO 2812
  • Suitable for Cleanrooms – Category 3 in accordance with ISO 14644-1
  • Biotech Laboratories – Adheres to Biosafety level BSL1, BSL2 & BSL3
  • Free from Pollutants – No toxins or emissions
  • GS Certified– for the highest level of safety
  • Guarantee – first of its kind – 10 YEAR
  • Price – Excellent
  • Colour– Blue, Anthracite, White, Orange & Green
  • Neon Upholstered Seat – Artificial Leather, PU-Foam, ESD Duotec Fabric & Supertec

All the BIMOS range will be on view at the TBI Scientific Showroom in Wilton Co Cork – The showroom will also showcase our partners asecos & Trespa scientific worktops.

Our Showroom will be open in early 2017 – watch this space….

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