Your steps to chemical safety!

Safely managing the chemicals in your workplace is good for business and it is good for everyone!

It will improve your employees’ health and safety. It will potentially introduce cost savings, through more effective work practices such as correct storage, handling, use and disposal procedures. Potential harm to the environment will also be reduced.

Safe Storage of Hazardous chemicals should be stored under appropriate conditions, taking into account the chemicals’ specific properties. Instructions on safe storage of chemicals can be found in the MSDS.

It is also important to note if there are conditions under which hazardous reactions may occur. For example, chemicals that can react together to form unstable or toxic products, or produce heat, should be kept segregated. Flammable liquids stored near a heat source could result in a fire. Section 10 of the MSDS gives advice on such conditions that you should take into account when storing your chemicals.

Chemicals known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction should be kept under strict control.

Chemicals with typical properties and characteristics that are relevant include:

  • Flammable chemicals.
  • Toxic or corrosive chemicals.
  • Chemicals that emit highly toxic fumes in the event of a fire.
  • Chemicals which, in contact with water, give off flammable gas.
  • Oxidising chemicals.
  • Explosives.
  • Unstable chemicals.
  • Compressed gases.

asecos have more than 200 different cabinet models 

For advice or assistance on the safe storage of flammable liquids and chemicals, contact TBI Scientific .

  • Telephone:  021 602 0790
  • Email: 

We can help assess your needs and recommend a chemical storage solution that’s right for you.

Trespa does Not support bacteria growth!

New project in Dublin chooses TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS over Epoxy, Trespa is an extremely high standard off worktop which does NOT support bacteria growth, it is much easier to clean/disinfect vs Epoxy.

  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS has a surface quality with antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant to most aggressive chemicals.
  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS panels offer a high standard of hygiene, strength and durability and therefore are used worldwide in diverse lab environments including chemical, physical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.
  • Note that Epoxy chemical resistance tests are often based on SEFA 8 and not SEFA 3
  • SEFA 8 is 1 hour contact time between chemical and the surface whereas SEFA 3 is 24 hours contact time, much more relevant when it comes to use of worktops.
  • Please note that Trespa is the only manufacturer offering 10 years extended warranty! 

Always look for options, as each laboratory is different, let us recommend the best worktop for you!

The Waldner Cup 2016

Noel Hodgins

My God This is Ireland!

This year’s Waldner Ireland Cup, held in Mount Juliet, was as expected by all who attended – a fantastic day out!

The weather was beautiful, the scenery of Mount Juliet estate could only be described as majestic, which only hit home to me as we where turning into the estate on the morning of the tournament, when hearing the intake of breath from Miss Karin Buob (our Bimos Partner) and as she whispered to herself “my God, this is Ireland”

asecos chooses TBI Scientific

The Leading Experts in Safety Storage Cabinets chooses TBI Scientific as the sole agents on the island of Ireland –

asecos are the worldwide leading manufacturer of safety storage cabinets for hazardous materials, they develop products that offer the highest degree of protection and comfort in daily work. Driven by their conviction to continually create innovative and intelligent product solutions and they have proven themselves as inventors of trend-setting solutions based on this conviction.

Right from the start asecos has set a new level of safety by introducing Type 90 technology for fire-resistant safety storage cabinets – for more information please see the TBI website or contact Maria Reynolds on 0863516027 or mail Maria at

Why TBI Scientific?

Customer Experience

TBI Scientific is driven by our customers. We are your partner throughout the planning, design, manufacturing, and installation stage of your project. We take your laboratory vision and turn it into a reality.

Planning The TBI Scientific customer experience starts with our sales executives. They are our product experts and have the resources to arm you with all of the information necessary to start planning your lab space. Their goal is to plan around any budget.

Design Our experienced design team works hand in hand with your projects team and laboratory users to answer questions and communicate promptly during our design process. Once your initial proposal is started our team will create design drawings, revisions, and price quotations.

Installation Once your order is approved, your sales executive will coordinate with your project’s team during delivery. Once your furniture is on-site, our qualified, in house, installation team will perform a turnkey installation.

Contact TBI Scientific today to see why we take such pride in our service solutions.

Maria Reynolds



Appearance is becoming an increasingly important factor within industrial production facilities. That applies to machinery just as much as to other workplace equipment. Neon is the first industrial workplace chair that satisfies the demands of modern working environments in terms of design. As the leading manufacturer of seating for industry and laboratories in Europe, we want to ensure that people in every workplace are able to work productively and healthily as they sit, and to enjoy the experience. This is why in Neon we combined the technological and ergonomic requirements of industrial workplaces with an attractive contemporary design.

The most striking feature of Neon is the flex band that runs around the chair. This both emphasises Neon’s clear outline and gives it a distinctive appearance. It also creates a connection between the hard shell and the comfortable core. And it protects the chair by ensuring that the joins in the material are smooth and seamless.

In addition to the original colours of orange, green and grey, Neon is now available with a blue flex band. The colour blue represents clarity, and so perfectly reflects the clear lines of Neon. In addition, blue is thought to have a calming and harmonious effect as well as representing steadiness and reliability. It is said to promote and maintain concentration.

Think Trespa!

The third issue of Think Trespa Magazine is out! The newest edition of the publication, dedicated to the excellence and meaningful ventilated façades, focuses on creating unique identities and customization.

A worldwide range projects show that uniqueness can be achieved by combining the existing 121 standard Trespa® Meteon® decors or by developing custom made colors. Outdated aesthetics can be reinterpreted to improve the quality of life of citizens and their surroundings; and little details can make large impacts on small-call applications.

In this issue, readers can also learn about the tests that ensure the Trespa® Meteon®’s color stability  in the face of extreme weather. It also emphasizes the work done by Trespa Design Centre Barcelona, which serves as a hub for local architects and designers.

Through the pages, it is also possible to experience the new six elegant and timeless grey Wood Decors and seven Naturals, especially designed to create lively façades with a weathered look.

Think Trespa is available in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). To subscribe or to read some articles, click here.


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