The Bimos Revolution

Sitting down will never be the same again!

On average people spend 9.3 hours sitting down per day. That is a long period of time for the human body to be in one position.

The less mobile our bodies, the higher the likelihood of soft tissue stiffness, joint capsule tightness and general range of movement restrictions. The impact on overall health can be severe.

Having the correct chair in your working environment is vital for health and productivity.

Bimos for the last 50 years have been pioneers in this industry, with their thought process being about solution rather than product. They have become the leading manufacturers in Europe for laboratory and industry chairs combining science, functionality and style.

TBI Scientific are the proud exclusive distributors of Bimos in Ireland. We love the fact that we are changing and enhancing lives with a product that people would not normally put a lot of thought into, although they spend so much of their day on. We supply a 10 Year Warranty and International Safety Certificates for all of our chairs.

Contact us today for more information or even better come visit us at one of our showrooms in Dublin or Cork. We also do premises visitations to review models.

Below is a list of Bimos chairs and the suitability to working environments;

  • Available in Different Colors
  • Flat Pack or Assembled 
  • Different Bespoke Mechanisms



Neon – More Information

Production – ESD – Laboratory

  •  No other production workplace chair has features that can compare.
  • Innovative 1+1 system, the upholstery can be changed with just one click.


Sintec – More Information

Production – ESD

  • Guaranteeing flexible seating solutions at any production workplace.
  • Comfortable replaceable upholstery is available in a selection of finishes and colors.



All in One – More Information


  • Closing the gap between office and workplace chairs.
  • A workplace chair for industrial sectors, healthcare, research and development.



Solitec – More Information


  • Hard-wearing workplace chair is for versatile use
  • Integrated seat tilt provides the user with physical relief, even in forward-leaning positions.



Isetec – More Information


  • Tough performer: Whether it is abrasive dust, oil or swarf.
  • A particularly soft and comfortable seat with adjustment features of the chair are quick and easy to operate when sitting by using a lever.




Unitec – More Information

Production – ESD

  • Low price, high performance.
  • Permanent contact backrest, a standard feature and provides staff with support when working in a seated position.



Stool – More Information

Production – ESD

  • Hard-working assistants in every situation.
  •  Extra-large seat, sturdy steel base,upholstered edge protection ensuring high durability,practical ring release of the gas spring with height of the  adjustment.


Zubehör Bimos – More Information


  • The footrest provides the correct leg support when at an elevated sitting position on the workplace chair or stool.
  • Guarantees good circulation in the legs at all times – regardless of the working environment or the chair being used.




ESD Basic – More Information


  • The all-rounder among the ESD chairs.
  •  Its ergonomic design, high level of user comfort and reliable ESD protection according to EN 61340-5-1 represent all the important features of a high-performance workplace chair for the electronic industry.



Labster – More Information

Laboratory  – ESD

  • Expert when it comes to meeting high standards
  • Seamless design and a washable soft-covering of the mechanics and high level of comfort and impressive ergonomics.



Labsit – More Information

Laboratory – ESD

  • Simple yet intelligent
  • Hygienic design, compact dimensions, ergonomic construction and user comfort, the Labsit masters all the challenges faced by the modern laboratory chair.


Laboratory – More Information


  • Good work on a solid basis
  • Basic design includes all the features necessary for use in areas with simpler requirements and the synthetic leather cover is easy to clean and has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.



Cleanroom Basic – More Information


  • Comfort and performance.
  • Sealed seat and backrest and electrostatic conductivity are combined with optimum ergonomics and ultimate seating comfort.




Cleanroom Stool – More Information


  • Comfort and performance.
  • Electrostatic conductivity are combined with optimum ergonomics and ultimate seating comfort.



Cleanroom Plus – More Information


  • Perfect cleanroom chair for the purest of seating pleasure.
  • Higher adjustable height mechanisms and sealed seat and backrest, thus covering all moving parts of the chair’s mechanics.





Fin – More Information

Standing – ESD

  • Revolutionising standing work.
  • Meets the combined requirements of standing workstations in industry, research, retail and the office.




Standing Rest – More Information

Standing – ESD

  • Perfect support for everyday – long periods spent standing when working in the industrial sector can place considerable strain on the body.
  • Relieves strain on the spine and adapt to almost any standing workstation and their requirements thanks to a wide choice of bases.



Standing Rest Plus – More Information

Standing – ESD

  • Perfect support for everyday – long periods spent standing when working in the industrial sector can place considerable strain on the body.
  • Relieves strain on the spine and adapt to almost any standing workstation and their requirements thanks to a wide choice of bases with adjustable working height and foot rings.


Sweemo – More Information


  • Neither a chair nor a stool, yet it combines the strengths of both.
  • Suitable for absolutely any field of work.
  • Round base option with castors, allowing for a wide range of movement.
  • Rocker base option helping to keep the pelvis mobile, allowing great freedom of movement at work.












Neon – New generation workplace chairs

Neon from bimos is the flagship for modern industry. This work place chair is a favourite of TBI Scientific as no other chair used in manufacturing can boast such ergonomic features, design or such comfort.

Neon is the new generation workplace chair for the new generation of work. Office and Manufacturing workplaces are merging closer and closer together, and demands on the workplace are increasing with simple production jobs being increasingly replaced by more complicated tasks.

Its innovative 1+1 system of chair and upholstery combination provides flexibility and sustainability, and ensures that it is perfectly adapted to the particular area of work.


Appearance is becoming an increasingly important factor within industrial production facilities. That applies to machinery just as much as to other workplace equipment. Neon is the first industrial workplace chair that satisfies the demands of modern working environments in terms of design. As the leading manufacturer of seating for industry and laboratories in Europe, we want to ensure that people in every workplace are able to work productively and healthily as they sit, and to enjoy the experience. This is why in Neon we combined the technological and ergonomic requirements of industrial workplaces with an attractive contemporary design.

The most striking feature of Neon is the flex band that runs around the chair. This both emphasises Neon’s clear outline and gives it a distinctive appearance. It also creates a connection between the hard shell and the comfortable core. And it protects the chair by ensuring that the joins in the material are smooth and seamless.

In addition to the original colours of orange, green and grey, Neon is now available with a blue flex band. The colour blue represents clarity, and so perfectly reflects the clear lines of Neon. In addition, blue is thought to have a calming and harmonious effect as well as representing steadiness and reliability. It is said to promote and maintain concentration.


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