Trespa does Not support bacteria growth!

New project in Dublin chooses TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS over Epoxy, Trespa is an extremely high standard off worktop which does NOT support bacteria growth, it is much easier to clean/disinfect vs Epoxy.

  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS has a surface quality with antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant to most aggressive chemicals.
  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS panels offer a high standard of hygiene, strength and durability and therefore are used worldwide in diverse lab environments including chemical, physical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.
  • Note that Epoxy chemical resistance tests are often based on SEFA 8 and not SEFA 3
  • SEFA 8 is 1 hour contact time between chemical and the surface whereas SEFA 3 is 24 hours contact time, much more relevant when it comes to use of worktops.
  • Please note that Trespa is the only manufacturer offering 10 years extended warranty! 

Always look for options, as each laboratory is different, let us recommend the best worktop for you!