Trespa® TopLab®

Wouldn’t it be nice, not to mention cost effective to equip your workplace with world class equipment that complies with rigorous codes and standards, EN and member state legislation, designed for you from concept to completion and have a 10 year product guarantee?

With Trespa® TopLab® and TBI Scientific that is exactly what you get.

Trespa is recognized as the worlds leading work surface product with long-lasting surface hygiene, impact and scratch resistance, flexibility and ease of use—with aesthetic qualities that can contribute to enhance the experience of employees and visitors

There are three product lines available from Trespa.


Trespa® TopLab®PLUS

The perfect surface for quality worktops that do not support bacterial growth and are highly resistant to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals. The panels provide an ideal choice in environments where hygiene, avoidance of contamination, sustainability, ergonomics and safety are of importance. The surface is easy to clean and shows a high resistance to a large number of aggressive chemicals. It also has inherent antibacterial properties without the addition of microbial additives.

Suitable for Chemical, Physical, Analytical and Microbiological laboratories.



Trespa® TopLab®VERTICAL

With chemically resistant and antibacterial surfaces for applications in healthcare, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and laboratory environments, such as cabinetry, peg boards, splash backs and cladding in fume hoods. Ideal for environments where bacteria and dirt pose a real threat. Manufactured with Trespa’s EBC technology, its surface is smooth and shows a significant low dirt accumulation making it easy to clean.  Available in Standard and Fire-Retardant grade

Suitable for Healthcare, Cosmetics, Food, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory.



Trespa® TopLab®BASE

Robust and lasting panel for worktops and cabinetry applications where scratch and wear resistance are of great importance whereas the chemical resistance of the surface is not critical. The melamine surface delivers excellent scratch resistance and overall durability, retaining its appearance for a long time. Resistant to wear, making it ideal for worktops and cabinetry applications where severe use and frequent cleaning are expected. Its surface is not adversely affected by moisture and the panel remains impervious to mould or rot.

Suitable for Educational, Laboratory and Institutional Applications where Chemical Resistance is not Critical.



Concept to Completion

TBI Scientific completely develop their own drawings with a design department that have expertise in both AutoCAD & Revit. This means that as well as giving their  clients Plan and Elevation drawings, they  can also offer 3D renders, allowing the end users to grasp the overall design concept  before installation.

This method of layout planning utilizes 2D & 3D renderings to clarify the intended space utilization, existing requirements and features, connections, area dimensions, interfaces and all other relevant information.


The laboratory will become clearly conceivable for you through the 3D drawing. We will then refine the details together with you. In the next stage of the presentation, your laboratory will be almost “accessible” in colour and with clear, differentiated depth in the rendered representation. You will be able to see your laboratory from all angles. As a logical conclusion to our precise planning and design work, the laboratory will be installed in your building


TBI Scientific’s design and project management team of designers and expert fitters carry the latest state of the art equipment, and have a wealth of knowledge with all ranges of laboratory furniture systems.



Trespa – not your typical compact laminate?

Here at TBI Scientific we are specialist suppliers of Trespa. Trespa are one of the worlds largest producers of Phenolic panels.

For a compact laminate; Trespa is a leader not only in its functionality but Trespa’s focus on product development combining quality manufacturing technologies with intelligent solutions for architectural applications.

Trespa does Not support bacteria growth!

New project in Dublin chooses TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS over Epoxy, Trespa is an extremely high standard off worktop which does NOT support bacteria growth, it is much easier to clean/disinfect vs Epoxy.

  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS has a surface quality with antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant to most aggressive chemicals.
  • TRESPA TOPLAB®PLUS panels offer a high standard of hygiene, strength and durability and therefore are used worldwide in diverse lab environments including chemical, physical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.
  • Note that Epoxy chemical resistance tests are often based on SEFA 8 and not SEFA 3
  • SEFA 8 is 1 hour contact time between chemical and the surface whereas SEFA 3 is 24 hours contact time, much more relevant when it comes to use of worktops.
  • Please note that Trespa is the only manufacturer offering 10 years extended warranty! 

Always look for options, as each laboratory is different, let us recommend the best worktop for you!

Think Trespa!

The third issue of Think Trespa Magazine is out! The newest edition of the publication, dedicated to the excellence and meaningful ventilated façades, focuses on creating unique identities and customization.

A worldwide range projects show that uniqueness can be achieved by combining the existing 121 standard Trespa® Meteon® decors or by developing custom made colors. Outdated aesthetics can be reinterpreted to improve the quality of life of citizens and their surroundings; and little details can make large impacts on small-call applications.

In this issue, readers can also learn about the tests that ensure the Trespa® Meteon®’s color stability  in the face of extreme weather. It also emphasizes the work done by Trespa Design Centre Barcelona, which serves as a hub for local architects and designers.

Through the pages, it is also possible to experience the new six elegant and timeless grey Wood Decors and seven Naturals, especially designed to create lively façades with a weathered look.

Think Trespa is available in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). To subscribe or to read some articles, click here.



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