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The Importance of EN

EN 14470-1 is The European Standard policy applied to facilities storing flammable and hazardous liquids. It was implemented in April 2004 and is a national standard in many European countries.

The legal requirement addresses the duty to correctly and safely store all flammable liquids in cabinets with a capacity to resist fire conditions on the outside, safeguarding the content inside. A minimum of 30 minutes fire protection must accommodate cabinets that store flammable liquids.

It should be adhered to by all institutions that manufacture, store, process or use dangerous substances which may result in explosive atmospheres.

The European Standard does not distinguish between different flammable liquids. The onus is on the user to understand the dangers of individual substances which hold considerably different properties and conclusions.

Non-compliance of this standard may result in;

  • Death
  • Financial Loss
  • Legal Implications
  • Productivity Loss
  • Damaged Reputation

Can you or your organisation take this risk?

At TBI Scientific in association with asecos we go beyond minimum! Our German manufactured cabinets are the first in the world to hold a 90-minute fire resistance standard. Independently tested and certified allows our products to meet and surpass European Standard requirements. We also supply a 10-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing personal and professional safety at all times.


Contact us today for a free safety inspection with our qualified staff of your premises and we will be more than happy to give our recommendations concerning the safe and approved storage of hazardous materials.

We believe standards should always be maximum.

The below video highlights the time difference between models of no protection, 30 minutes protection and the asecos 90 minute protection.